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Esther Martin-Ullrich


Esther Martin-Ullrich is a Master's Degree Candidate in the Gastronomy Program at Boston University. Passionate about food history and folklore and how social media interacts with traditional academic fields, she brings both together in her popular blog Why'd You Eat That? In it, she is just as likely to explore the unexpected Christmas food traditions of Japan as the arcane "language of the soda fountain", providing a wealth of cultural, historical, and symbolic information about the rich world of food culture. Esther is also an avid supporter of living history and regularly works as a historical interperter at Old Sturbridge Village, where she specializes in hearth cooking and historic food techniques. Additionally, she offers consulting services to museums and living history locations to further their food-based programming. Her mission is to deepen awareness that food is not just what we eat, but also who we are.

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